Anusha’s 100% Organic Pimple Treatment Will Make Your Jaws Drop!

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Pimples on Face?

Sends chills down the spine!

An organic pimple treatment that WORKS?


Pimpl Treatment, Organic Skin care, Beauty Tips, Acne Vulgaris, Glamorganicdesi 23-year old Hyderabad based techie Anusha Seelam’s success story will dispel your disbelief.

What did the trick for Anusha?

In simple words –

  • Her strategy was well worked out
  • She was adamant and patient to get rid of them (deadly combo) 

Half her battle was won. Then and there.

What about the remaining half?

Let’s dive straight into it!


Getting Started

Chalking out a performance-oriented organic pimple treatment routine is by no means, a piece of cake. Glamorganicdesi, Beauty Tips For Face, Skincare, Hair Growth Tips, Long Hair, Hair style, Best DIYs

It is all the more challenging because

Organic skin care is –

  • Time consuming
  • Effort driven
  • Demands LOTS of patience
  • Use of correct ingredients
  • A heavy garnishing of a “never say never” attitude


Anusha’s Skin Analysis

Anusha’s pictures clearly pointed out to 3 core skin problems –

  • Pimples – New, old and some about to arrive on the scene
  • Spots – Remnants of old pimples that had gone but left their “love notes” behind
  • Tan – This was severe. In fact, Anusha’s body and facial skin looked poles apart complexion-wise

Pimple Treatment, Organic Skin Care, Beauty Tips For Face, Acne Vulgaris, Glamorganicdesi Keeping all these in account, I pep-talked her.


Because the work at hand would be mammoth if she wanted a REAL change especially when it came to lightening her stubborn tanning.  Sun Tan, Tanning, Acne Vulgaris, Pimple Treatment, Organic Skin care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi


Yes, For Sure

  • Time crunch since Anusha worked as an IT professional
  • Also, a couple of products, DIY ingredients, etc. couldn’t be delivered to where she was staying – in her office’s campus.

We redid the plan to sort the 2nd Problem. For the 1st, Anusha assured me that squeezing time was her task.

How Anusha’s Skin Changed Magically

  • First Steps – In 7 days, what happened left both Anusha and me stunned. 

From a visible reduction in her tan to no new pimples, her skin took to the routine like a fish takes to water. 

How To Get Rid Of Pimples, Pimple Treatment, Organic Skin care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi

While spots still remained, this was in fact, is till date the quickest I had seen someone’s skin fight back pimples.

Best part

Anusha was excited

In fact, so excited that she’d dive straight into her organic pimple treatment routine the second she’d head back from office … with a childlike enthusiasm. Doing her pimple treatment routine was now a stress buster instead of a chore.  

  • 1 Month Later – The speed of improvement skyrocketed. Tan, pimples, spots – You name it and Anusha’s skin was freed of them all. 

Anusha, Pimple Treatment, Organic Skin Care, Best DIYs, Glamorganicdesi

Best part

Selfie sessions and that 100 watt smile exuding confidence like never before.

Anusha Organic Skin Care, Beauty Tips For Face, Acne Vulgaris, Glamorganicdesi, Natural Skin Care

Wait, It Gets Better

Anusha’s wedding was around the corner and the glow on this Hyderabadi Ammayi’s skin was eye-catching.

Indian Wedding, Telugu Bride, Glamorganicdesi, Organic Skin Care, Bridal Beauty, Pimple Treatment

Dressed like a traditional Telugu bride, smiling from ear to ear and comfortable in her natural skin without tonnes of makeup.

Pimple Treatment, Organic Skin Care, Glamorganicdesi

Success Spotlight : Grilling Anusha

We have to! 

Q: How did we cross paths?

A: Since the last year of engineering, I got stubborn pimples. My friend Alekhya was under your consultation.

When she saw me worry about my skin day in and out, she advised me to consult with you.

The rest is history, you know.


Q: Sum up your skin problems once.

A: Covered in acne, haha. Weather change, water change, you name and it and my skin underwent everything.

At one point, I was depressed every time I looked at my facial skin. It was that bad.


Q: Which skin care products, DIYs, recipes, etc. did you try before consulting with me?

A: A lot of, in fact almost every anti-acne cream in the market. No matter what I used, my pimples would put up a strong front much to my dismay.


Q: How long did it take to see changes?

A: In less than 7 days. I don’t know how but my skin responded very quickly to your routine.

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Q: What changes did you observe overtime?

A: Softer, smoother, tan-free, pimple-free and glowing skin. All my pimples disappeared as if it is a dream, one that I didn’t want to wake up from.

It was hard to believe this kind of skin care actually works. 

One more thing – My skin used to get white patches sometimes. Now? No way.

Anusha, Pimple Treatment, Organic Skin Care, Beauty Tips For Face, Glamorganicdesi

Q: Toughest part of your routine? A: Drinking organic drinks and giving up on junk food.

Seriously I can’t believe I did both

Anti Dark circles cream, Best Eye Cream, Under Eye Dark Circles, Glamorganicdesi, Beauty Tips, Beauty Tips For Face, The Indian Chai, Best Herbal Teas

Q: Best part of our journey?

A: Earning compliments from my family.

From being told to take care of my skin seriously umpteen times to now earning compliments from them, that is surely the best part of dedicating 1 complete month to the routine.


A Little Note To Anusha

Striking – in 1 word, that’s how I’ll recall your journey, Anusha

You made sure that 90% of the efforts pour from your side to support 10% of inputs I had provided. 

Organic Skin Care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi, Pimple Treatment, Acne Vulgaris

I am thrilled to have played a small part in your journey to clear healthy skin.

Break into happy dances every time you look into the mirror now. You’ve earned it, Anusha. 


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  1. Wow Nidhal Magician 🎩 Her dedication +Your knowledge = SkinGoals 🎉

    Please tell me about organic drinks. Anyone can have this? And we can have these organic drinks at any time?

    1. Hey Shifali

      Those organic drinks that I suggested Anusha were on the basis of what her dominant Dosha is. In some people, Pitta is high. In others, Vata and in some Kapha.

      In fact, most of us have a combo of 2 Doshas. So, what suits wouldn’t be the best choice for another.

      That’s why, I had enquired Anusha in great detail about her skin and body’s behaviour during different seasons (especially during summer) because Doshas too fluctuate.

    1. Bus karo 😛 Thoda zyada ho gaya!

      Baaki results ka I admit whole-heartedly that not only me even Anusha is equally satisfied with them 🙂

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