Raring to get in touch with me?

You are absolutely free to write to me regarding any queries pertaining to the blog, collaborations and suggestions on how to improve the content, what you would like to see on the blog, any skincare or haircare problem that you find me capable of helping you with, etc. at [email protected]

Please note: I neither use nor suggest using either chemical-laden products or products whose ingredients’ list is questionable, fishy or dubious (read: incomplete).

If you want me to use or review one, I will have to politely excuse myself. I broke up with chemical-laden cocktails long ago.

I don’t have any inclination towards re-kindling that old flame of mine!

Please do not email for

  • Seeking free promotion 
  • Promoting giveaways
  • SEO and/or site improvement techniques
  • Free backlinks

All said, welcome aboard. Let’s catch up on the mail or on our Facebook group to have a one-on-one!