Let’s Cleanse Without Chemicals: Dusshera & Diwali Detox Programs 2018

A long party is about to kick start!

The 9-day long extravaganza – Dusshera is near the corners.

Soon after it wraps up, we have a complete package of festivals accompanying Diwali knock on our doors.

Enough reason to raid markets and hunt for gorgeous traditional attire? 

Also a golden opportunity to dig into mouth-watering Indian sweets – gujias, laddos, kaju katli, ras malai, rasagullas, etc.

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But is that ONLY what festivals are all about?

Petrified to picture your skin and health once this party ends?

Annoyed by the thought of feeling bloated after having rounds of delicacies that you couldn’t refuse?

Already zeroed in on makeup you’d drown yourself in to hide your skin problems once they arrive?

Breathe EASY

(I see you panic)

Let’s make this festive season a healthy one

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One where you’ll –

  • Land at skin that you’d be comfortable in
  • Feel energised and light at the same time (Kya combo hai!)
  • Pat yourself for doing what 9/10 people wouldn’t have – DETOX Ayurvedically (I coined that term)


What’s Detox?

Simply put, a 15-day plan where you’ll

  • Eat and drink according to Ayurveda
  • Apply organic skin care ingredients, products, herbs, etc.

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In short, we’ll simplify eating, drinking and skin care


15-Day Detox Program? 

Tell Me More

Since Dusshera and Diwali are on their way, we have 2 detox programs lined up.

  • Dusshera Detox Program

A customised 15-Day Detox plan chalked out for EACH participant, you’ll cleanse without chemicals…

Keeping your daily schedule in account

Detox, Organic Skincare, Diwali, Dusshera, Durga Pooja, Beauty Tips, Glowing Skin


  • Diwali Detox Program

Similarly, with a customised 15-Day Diwali specific Detox plan chalked out for EACH participant, you’ll detox yourself the Desi way.

Detox, Ayurveda, Glowing Skin, Diwali, Organic Skincare


Want to look & feel great this festive season?


Here’s the procedure

  • Please email or message me (on Instagram or Facebook)
  • Let me know which program you’re interested in participating
  • My bank details will be provided 
  • Once you make the payment, please confirm it with me
  • Please answer the questionnaire that I’ll send next. Accordingly, I’ll chalk out your customised 15-Day Detox Plan.


What Next?

  • Order your herbs, skincare products, spices, etc. needed for the Detox

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  • We will coordinate, track progress and have a gala time in our Facebook Group. Group? You’ll be added to it BEFORE we kick start with the program.


Here’s Something You’ll LOVE

To those interested in participating in both the programs, you can sign up for them together.

Total charge = 1500/- INR


For 15 Days, How’d My Lifestyle Be?


In fact we all will KISS… (Keep it short and simple) 

Tell me your eyes popped out on reading it. That was unexpected after all. Okay, stop smiling sheepishly now.


Coming back to the point, for those 15 days of Detox 

  • You’d have to dig into home-cooked Indian food
  • Breakup with makeup (No questions asked)
  • Change your skin care to one that’s 100% organic 


In fact, if you doubt organic skincare, here are some success stories to change your heart.

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You know the drill

This festive season, don’t just get up and make-up. WAKE UP

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