How To Make Hung Yogurt Easily At Home For Hair Growth?

How To Make Hung Yogurt Easily At Home For Hair Growth

Read Time: 3 mins

Prep Time: 8 hours

Why do I use hung curd dedicatedly in all my DIY hair packs?

Because out of the numerous recipes passed down by my Nani, the most important nugget of DIY knowledge was to use hung curd for hair growth.

But why should you use hung yogurt for hair?

Because it has been drained off its water content. As a result, whatever is left is creamy in texture.

Now, when you’ll use it to make your DIY hair packs, the resultant hair pack will be creamy in texture.

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Frankly, a lot many times DIY hair packs don’t throw as amazing results as you want them to, right?

Simple reason – You didn’t use hung yogurt (curd).

Rather you simply opted for plain old Dahi from the packet of Amul, Dairy Fresh, Mother Dairy, etc.

Now, there’s nothing wrong in it. I myself do so but there are always 2 ways to DIY

  • The regular way
  • The right way

It is ‘The right way’ that throws results (of course, over time)

Keeping aside other possibilities of why your DIY hair pack may not have worked for you, here’s an easy, simple and quick fix that can do the trick for you – Make hung yogurt at home.

How To Make Hung Yogurt At Home: Ingredients

1) Curd/Yogurt  – Any brand’s curd will do – Dairy Fresh, Mother Dairy, Amul, etc. Even homemade curd is fine.

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2) Strainer – Since my hair is long, I need a big strainer – Buy here

3) Spoon

4) Metallic bowl

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How To Make Hung Yogurt At Home: Prep

Step 1 – Make an apparatus as shown below.

Step 2 – Pour curd over the strainer.

Hung Yogurt, Hung Curd, How To Make Hung Curd At Home, Hair Treatment, Hair Pack With Curd, Beauty Tips, Indian Beauty Blog, Glamorganicdesi

Step 3 – Leave it aside for 8-10 hours (overnight) for all the water to drain into the bowl.

I do this since I have long hair and hence, have to use more curd. More curd = More water to drain. That is why, I leave it overnight.

Anyway even if you have shoulder length hair, prefer leaving the apparatus overnight.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of water in your curd by the morning.

Step 4 – Next morning, all the hung yogurt would have collected in the strainer while the water would have drained into the bowl.

This is the curd that you need for your DIY hair packs.

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Before We Wind Up

Let’s take up your queries on how to make hung yogurt at home

Q 1: How can I use hung yogurt for hair care?

A 1: This will be one of the many ingredients that you should mix in your hair packs.

In fact, I make all the hair pack recipes on Glamorganicdesi using hung yogurt.

 This is a hair spa of mine using Aroma Essentials products wherein the hair mask I made again used hung yogurt.

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This helps if you are struggling with hair loss. 

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Q 2: Can I drain it for more than 10 hours?

A 2: Depends on the weather.

During summers, store the apparatus in the fridge. Else fungus will develop on your curd.

With that, now that you have learnt how to make hung yogurt at home easily, set aside the weekend for some DIYs.

This time it’ll be a better experience!


  1. Hi,
    I have wavy, thin and frizzy hair as well as hair fall issues. I have recently started with Aroma Essentials products and that is how got to read your blog.

    Kindly let me know which one will be the best DIY mask for me out of so many which you have mentioned. I do want straight look and bouncy as my hair has gone thin 🙁 from roots, my hair looks lifeless.

    Besides, unfortunately I can’t get eggs at my home.

    1. This little change in our DIY hair packs made a tonne of difference to our hair texture, Filipa.

      Add some flowers, fruits and herbs to it as well. Individually, hung curd wouldn’t impress the way it can if teamed up with other power-packed ingredients 🙂

  2. I never tried DIY hung curd, but it is really not hard to make the product, and if you say it is effective (after using it for some time), then I shall undoubtedly try it. What I like most about hung yoghurt is that it solves your dandruff issues, and I have had these for a long time. The only part that makes me worried is the 10-hour time I need to leave the yoghurt aside… I hope the product will be effective on my hair. Thank you!

    1. Sleep over it, Irma!

      I mean leave it to drain at night. By the next morning it will be ready on its own.
      While you’re sleeping your hung curd is getting readied.

      I find this quite convenient and doable.

  3. Interesting to hear that you can use hung curd for hair growth. That’s very handy. And I’m glad that you’re sharing your DIY. I’m so glad you referred to a frizz control hair pack! My hair is so frizzy! I will definitely try that out!

    1. On its own, hung curd won’t be splendid for frizz control, Carola.

      Add other power packed ingredients too like papaya puree, bananas, eggs and Aloe vera gel (straight from the plant).

      This blend will be a truly effective frizz control team.

    1. Hung curd isn’t messy, Blair. Normal one is. In fact, it is so convenient to make and use that I hardly remember using any hair pack which doesn’t use hung curd.

      Vinegar adds way too much of volume to my hair so much so that my head starts resembling a cotton candy. That’s why I prefer not using it although I agree it definitely works.

  4. Am so trying this! Love home DIY beauty hacks when I can just grab ingredients from my pantry and fridge. I have thinning hair AND too much graying going right now. I wonder, can I mix henna with this?

    1. Nancy, for thinning hair I would recommend this hair pack

      It is better at thickening locks as per my experience. Also, add 2 tbsp of Brahmi powder (which thickens hair) and a tbsp of hibiscus petals powder (which darkens hair) to the pack.

      Honestly, for hair that has become white or grey, we cannot change it back to black. What we can do is ensure that new hair growth is dark assuming everything is fine (like diet, exercise, etc.) Obviously this won’t hold for anyone who is proceeding in the twilight years of their life.

      I don’t find Henna useful, Nancy. That’s why I don’t suggest it. Moreover, there is a good amount of rubbish that goes into most Hennas.

      What I have observed is that the combo of Hibiscus petals powder + Aroma Essentials Hair Revitalise Mask (in the hair pack) leaves a noticeable dark tinge on hair overtime. So, in short do add Brahmi and Hibiscus powders!

    1. For hair fall, a set of 2 remedies would work better when teamed up, Heraa.

      1) Onion Juice Application –

      Followed by

      2) A homemade hair pack – You can choose any one from the blog although the easiest to make would be one made up of hung curd, aloe vera gel from the plant, eggs, bananas and hibiscus flowers.

      Twice a week application and you’re good to go (assuming it’s not heavy hair fall)

  5. Your hair looks so shiny! I struggle with hair moisture, big time. It was so bad that I had to cut my shoulder length locks, and even now sometimes I get dandruff. I don’t have a lot of hair, low fade cut and I take care of it but it’s always dry.

    1. A good amount of time goes into making it this shiny, Feldon (humble brag!) I think a few ingredients will work well for your dry hair – Aloe vera (from the plant), banana, papaya, eggs and of course, hung curd.

      The drier your locks, the more often the application of a hair pack made up of these ingredients. Dry locks are a hassle honestly during winters. They’re almost like a broom unless fed properly.

    1. I wouldn’t say that the absence of hung curd would be the reason behind it, Tripti. Never the less, including it now in homemade hair packs will certainly raise the goodness (and thus, effectiveness) of your masks.


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