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Want me to help you with your skin/hair problems?

Get a month-long consultation with me NOW!

Btw who am I?

The long-haired weirdo (my hair is till my thighs) who applies food on her skin and hair.

The 23 year old who hasn’t let any chemical-laden product go on her skin for 7 year.

The DIY freak who slices fruits, chops vegetables and blends flowers to make her organic beauty potions!

I have been there, done that… for 7 long years.

And I have a lot to share based on my experiences that I have applied over the years on my family and myself.

What is this consultation about + How can YOU avail it?

Let’s take this up in parts.

  • What is this consultation about?

Simply put – any kind of beauty help that you need from me = Consultation.

Whether you have acne or excess hair fall, dull skin or dandruff, pigmentation or anything and everything in between, if you want to tackle it organically and need help, your guide is ready!

Glamorganicdesi, Indian Beauty Blog, Indian Makeup Blog, Natural Makeup, Organic Beauty Blog, Skincare, Beauty Tips, Hair Growth Tips, Home Remedies

  • How can YOU get a consultation?

Step 1 – Either message me (on Facebook or Instagram) or send an email to [email protected]

Explain your skin care or hair care problem in detail along with

  • Your age, present skin care or hair care routine
  • Where do you live + weather there in general
  • Which products or DIY recipes you have been using (if any)
  • Some recent pictures of your skin/hair
  • Ingredients that suit you
  • Ingredients that do NOT suit you
  • Allergies
  • Whether you are a student/home-maker or working
  • Time availability per day

Step 2 – I will go through your mail. If I think that my consultation may help you, I will help you out with the same.

We will have a word. Once we both are up for it…

Step 3 – I will share my bank details (Paytm is acceptable). As and when the payment is made, I will confirm it & chalk out your routine  (which I will send in at most 3 days, mostly in 1 day)

What Next?

Go through your routine. Ask questions, more questions or anything that you want to!

Order your products (or ingredients for DIYs)

Once they get delivered, set on the journey to better skin (or hair)!

What are my credentials?

I can’t boast of a degree in Ayurveda or medicine.

That said, with years of experimenting with DIYs and thanks to my habit of delving into the ingredients list of skin care products, I know a thing or two about it.

See my hair, my sister’s hair and mom’s hair for reference.

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You can go through the feedback of all those readers of Glamorganicdesi who have opted for my routine (psss… routines were customised from person to person)

Consultation Charges

Please note that all beauty consultations (skincare and hair care) are charged w.e.f November 2017.

The relevant charges are mentioned below and changes (if any) will be made on all social media of Glamorganicdesi.

  • Skin care consultation

Under this, your complete skincare routine will be modified to an organic one along with additional support in the form of what to eat & drink daily (Desi ingredients) in order to cleanse your system from within. Why?

Because what we eat shows on our skin.

Charge = 750/- INR

  • Hair care consultation

Under this, your whole hair care routine right from your hair oil to shampoo to hair pack will be modified.

Along with that, additional support will be provided on what all to eat, drink (all Desi ingredients – they gel well with our body), do (specific Yoga Kriyas & Asanas) and other minute changes for supporting healthy hair.

Any kind of hair problem comes under this consultation such as – hair fall, lack of shine, dryness, dandruff, thinning, etc.

Charge = 1,000/- INR

  • Skin + Hair Consultation

Need both at the same time? Prepare for the grind & stunning skin as well as hair without anything toxic.

Charge = 1,500/- INR

  • General one-time clarification about anything published on Glamorganicdesi

Comments section = Your territory!

Charge = FREE

Glamorganicdesi, Indian Beauty Blog, Natural Makeup, Skincare, Beauty Tips, Indian Makeup Blog, Indian Bridal Blog, Best DIYs

  • Consulted me before? Read this

Thanks for following the routine that I had prescribed, buddy! If you wish to modify it in order to get even more gorgeous skin or hair, this one’s for you.

You can have your routine modified – partly or wholly.

Charge = 500/- INR

Please remember

1) Consultation charges are non-negotiable.

2) I may not take up cases which I think are a doctor’s domain.

3) Ayurveda cannot be sped up, period. It is a lifestyle change. Please do not visualize changes as quick as you see in beauty parlours.

Usually, for any kind of improvement to take place, a minimum of 1 month of time and effort investment is needed.

While some people note changes in 1-2 uses, most see it with time.

4) Having a consultation and following everything to the T for a month does not mean that your skin or hair problem with definitely be allayed.

5) Please be as open as possible about your skin/hair problems, allergies, history, etc. Else an incomplete or unhelpful routine may be chalked out.

Waiting to have a personalized organic skin/hair care consultation with me?

You know the drill!