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Get 1 month-long consultation from me NOW!

Who Am I? 

The long-haired weirdo who applies food to her skin & hair.

The 23 year old who hasn’t used any chemical-laden product for 9 years. 

The DIY freak who

  • Slices fruits
  • Chops vegetables
  • Blends flowers to 

Make her organic beauty potions! 

What’s a consultation?

Simply put 

Any kind of beauty help that you need from me = Consultation.

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How can YOU get a consultation?

  • Step 1

Please message me (on Facebook or Instagram)


Send an email with details about the following to [email protected]

Organic Indian Beauty Blog, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi, Consultation, Long Hair, Natural Makeup


  • Step 2

We will discuss everything in greater detail about your skin/hair. I could throw more questions at you! (Be prepared)


  • Step 3  

Discussion done? Yes

Ready to go ahead with your organic routine? Totally

My bank details will be provided. Please make the payment and send its screenshot for confirmation. 

I will chalk out your organic beauty routine and send in 1 day.


What Next?

  • Please go through your routine 
  • Ask questions
  • Order your products (or ingredients for DIYs)
  • Once everything arrives, set on the journey to better skin (or hair)!


What are my credentials?


I grew up in a household where age old Ayurvedic recipes had been practiced by my grandmother, mother and cousins

I being a late-bloomer, kick-started my organic journey in 2009

Since then, there has been no turning back

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What Our Curious Patrons Have To Say?

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Learning curve

I have studied Ayurvedic Beauty Care at

  • Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre
  • National Institute of Ayurveda (Ministry of Ayush) 

I believe learning is an endless ongoing process. So, you’re sure to see more institutes, courses, etc. being added to this list overtime. 


What To Expect Under A Consultation?

Your personalised beauty care routine

For an organic buff

By an organic buff

  • Skin care consultation

If you choose this, your complete skincare routine will be changed to an organic one.

Time period covered : 1 Month

Additional support

  • What to eat & drink daily for healthy skin 
  • Yoga Asanas to detoxify skin 
  • Changes in skin care habits

Charge = ₹1,250/- 

Glamorganicdesi, Beauty Tips, Indian Beauty Blog, Best DIYs, Hair Growth, How To Control Hair Fall, Glowing Skin


  • Hair care consultation

If you choose this, your complete hair care routine will be changed to an organic one.

Time period covered : 1 Month

Additional support 

  • What to eat & drink daily for healthy hair
  • Yoga Asanas to stimulate scalp
  • Changes in hair care habits

Charge = ₹1,250/- 

Glamorganicdesi, Long Hair, Hair Growth, Hair Fall Treatment, How To Control Hair Fall, Best DIYs


  • Skin & Hair Consultation At The Same Time

Need help with both?

Prepare for a rigorous session and gorgeously healthy hair as well as striking skin.

Time period covered : 1 Month

Charge = ₹2,500/- 

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Have a time-consuming Skin/Hair problem?

Need long term care?

Consult for 1+ Month and SAVE!

Here’s something you’ll LOVE

Plan to go for 2-3 months long consultation?

Here’s the discount on your total consultation charge. The complete charge however, needs to be paid at once (not in installments) 

(a) 2 Months = 5%

(b) 3 Months or more = 10%

Please Remember

  • Consultation charges are strictly non-negotiable.
  • As much as we’d love to help you but serious medical cases aren’t taken up. 
  • Ayurveda is a lifestyle change. It cannot be sped up, period. 
  • Having a consultation DOES NOT mean that your skin or hair problem will get cured sure shot.
  • Please be completely open about your skin or hair problems, allergies, history, etc.


An unhelpful routine would be chalked out

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Excited to have a personalized consultation?

You know the drill now!