Rutuja’s Post Pregnancy Skin Is Enviable & How! (Glow Is Jaw Dropping)

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Are you a pregnant mom with an endless list of skin problems?

 I have both good and bad news for you.

Here’s the good news : Your skin will change positively very soon. 

Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s Mumbai based Mrs. Rutuja Yadav’s post pregnancy organic skincare journey proving just the same. 

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Here’s the bad news : You’ll have to be a supermom like Rutuja

Once you tread on the organic skin care path with the intention of seeing REAL changes it’s a grilling affair.

Let’s dive straight into Rutuja’s journey!


Getting Started

Part 1 – Root Cause Assessment 

It was in February 2018 that Rutuja had messaged me on Instagram seeking help for her skin. I ran my eyes over her pictures and couldn’t help but whisper, “Wow, she’s pretty”

Since it had been a few months since Ayaan (her now 1 year old son) was born, Rutuja’s skin –

  • Looked dull and unnaturally oily
  • Had pimples and spots here and there
  • Redness in cheeks


Part 2 – Plan of Action

I’ll be honest – Rutuja’s skin screamed “improvable” 

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I customised her organic skin care routine which she committed to follow whole heartedly. 

And off we kick started Rutuja’s post pregnancy skin care journey!


How Rutuja’s Skin Changed Incredibly

Baby Steps (3 weeks)

In a matter of 3 weeks, this happened

(Hold your breath) 

Rutuja Yadav, Unbelievable Transformation, Organic Skin care, Pregnancy Skin care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi

Picturing us break into a happy dance? 

Hold your horses!

Here comes a twist in the story 

With a family function around the corner, Rutuja asked me if she could put makeup or not. Deep inside, I wanted to raise red flags in the air but somehow green-lighted her wish. 

Needless to say, she looked every inch stunning at the wedding. 

Organic Skin care, Pregnancy, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi, Rutuja Yadav

Point to be noted 

Rutuja’s skin had cleared up well before the 3-Day functions kick started. So, that glow you’re sighing over isn’t attributed to makeup solely. 

Give the devil her due!

(Subtle appeals for applause) 

Organic Skin Care, Rutuja Yadav, Pregnancy Notes, Glamorganicdesi, Unbelievable Transformation

Sob Story (1 day later)

All hell broke loose


Because Rutuja’s skin broke out into pimples despite the use of high end branded makeup. 

Honestly, I had expected this to a certain extent. That being said, I was hoping against hope it doesn’t happen. Clearly, my prayers went unheard. 

In short, we were back to square one


Target Eyed?

Pull Your Socks Up

Here’s the thing

Once you discover how amazing your skin can turn into, you don’t settle for anything less. If getting back that glow calls for time, you dedicate it unquestionably just like Rutuja did.


Happy Ending (1 Month Later)

Finally, this is where we arrived

Unbelievable Transformation, Organic Skin care, Pregnancy Skin care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi, Rutuja Yadav

We heaved a collective sigh of relief

My heart fluttered on seeing this young mom’s post pregnancy glow.

Rutuja Yadav, Organic Skin Care, Pregnancy Skin care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi

This makes for a picture-perfect family!

Rutuja Yadav, Organic Skin care, Pregnancy, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi

Who wouldn’t swoon at Rutuja’s skin?

That dazzling smile?



In The Spotlight: Grilling Rutuja

Because why not?

 Q: How did we cross paths?

A: On Instagram.

I saw your long beautiful hair. Then and there, I started following you.


Q: Post pregnancy, your skin problems ___

A: Extremely dull, oily with pimples.


Q: Before consulting me, what all did you do to get rid of those skin problems?

A: Besan, haldi and milk for skin care. Nothing much, honestly.

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Q: How long did it take to see results?

A: 3 weeks


Q: How’s your skin after going organic?

A:  Almost completely clear and glows as well. Pimples are quite rare occurrences.


Q: The toughest part of your routine was

A: Having patience.


Q: Having braved me for so long, here’s your moment to say whatever you’d like to, to me. Go ahead.

A: Haha nothing much yaar except a sincere “Thank you”  


A Little Note To Rutuja

I am smitten by your personality, Rutuja! 

Rutuja Yadav, Organic Skin Care, Pregnancy Skin Care, Glamorganicdesi

I could sense disappointment (and not immature panicking) in your tone when your skin broke out into pimples after the wedding.

On a positive note

Not once did I see it turn into pessimism, frustration or an excuse to drown in a pool of cosmetics.

I admire that deeply

Ayaan has a lovely lady to look up to. Strangely, why are violins playing in my head?

Rutuja Yadav, Organic Skin care, Beauty Tips, Glamorganicdesi, Pregnancy Skin care

You see, someone’s clearly awed by you

Chhaan Aaschen Tu, Mulgi!


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Wondering what did these ladies do differently? 

Here’s the answer

Go organic! 

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Need a guide?

Here’s what you need to get started

Let’s go skin care traditionally!


    1. I agree… on the part of her skin being gorgeous!

      It was the first journey wherein we saw results, committed a mistake, went back to the starting point, worked more dedicatedly and then saw success 😀

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